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886-920 High Road, Finchley

KG Facades has been appointed to design, manufacture and install Windows, Doors, Curtain Walling and Cladding for a 4 levels Development in Finchley Area.  

2014 Jul 01
Instalcome Head office

KG Facades has successfully completed taking part in building a new Head Office for Telecoms, Electrical and Water utility contractors Instalcome Ltd.

This project was very special for KG Facades, as we took a lead in design of all external facade to give totally new look to existing industrial estate.  To complete this projects façade, we used Secondary Steel Support Beams, Paroc 150 Smooth composite panels, Schueco AWS/ADS Doors and Windows and Schueco FW 50+ façade system. All works have been completed on time.


2014 Apr 28
Carshalton College

KG Facades Have been appointed to design, supply and install windows, doors, Curtain Walling and Aluminum Louver Systems for a new Carshalton College campus, to house modern training facilities for Construction, Engineering and Motor Vehicle Center in Sutton.

2014 Apr 24
52 Prince Of Wales Prince’s Park

KG Facades has successfully completed design, manufacture and installation of Tilt and Turn windows, sliding doors and Curtain Walling on 7 levels residential apartments building in Prince of Wales road. Prince’s Park. Camden Town.

2014 Mar 14
Croydon Island

KG Facades been apointed to design, manufacture and install Unitized façade to a 20-storey tower in West Croydon. Which offers exceptionall stylish accommodationin an area which is being completely transformed for the 21st Century. Set in a prime position within a short walk of Croydon's newly regenerated town centre, ISLAND is setting a new benchmark for style and quality in South London.

2014 Jan 03
Olympic Park. East Village

KG Facades have been appointed to design, supply and install windows, doors and curtain walling on retail and leisure facility project to include a convenience store, cafe, restaurant and gym within East Village, Olympic Park.

2013 Dec 12
Sidwarth Street Warehouse, E8

KG Facades has been appointed to design, manufacture and install Windows, Doors, Curtain Walling and Cladding for a 5 levels Sidwarth Street Development at the heart of one of the capital’s most trendy and established areas, London Fields.

2013 Sep 12
The Solar Power Station Equipped by KG Group Starts Functioning

The solar power station belonging to KG Constructions and KG Energy was given for exploitation in June, 2013 and will soon start producing electricity. At the moment the 60 kW capacity power station equipped in Bajorai village is one of the biggest equipment of this type in Rokiskis district. The power station consists of 750 modern solar panels that distinguish with the efficiency of production and high standards of quality. The manufacturer and supplier of solar panels is “Schüco”, a German enterprise.

  Equipping the solar power station is a long-term investment, thus it is very crucial to choose proper manufacturers and suppliers of solar panels. It is not a secret that many cheap, but of doubtful quality solar panels are supplied to Lithuania. Having bought such panels, many problems will occur in future regarding their quality, reliability and efficiency, and that would require many additional investments. Accordingly, while equipping the power station we intentionally paid special attention to the technical characteristics of the solar panels, as well as reliability of their manufacturers. Advanced technologies of the manufacturing solar panels, applied by “Schüco”, as well as special attention to the quality of materials ensure optimal result. While investing in the power station, as a long-term project, we were responsibly choosing the product of good quality and a reliable manufacturer” – emphasizes the director of KG Energy Mindaugas Guzikauskas.

  The new solar power station equipped by KG Group is one more step towards using renewable resources while producing environmentally friendly electric power.  While producing electric power from local renewable sources of energy, we also add to the consolidation of Lithuanian independence of energy. 

  KG Constructions Group pays special attention to the implementation of innovations and modern technologies in its activity, as well as mastering promising spheres of business. The production of electric power from solar energy will become additional sphere of practice of KG Group, already now allowing to know future technologies and add to the development of future business models.  These are long-term investments in future and progress. 

2013 Jun 14
Authorized Capital of KG Constructions is 6,4 million LTL

 After State Enterprise Centre of Registers registered a new edit of the Articles of association of KG Constructions on the 28th of May, 2013, the authorized capital of the company was increased to 6,4 million Litas.

  KG Constructions has been increasing authorized capital already for five years. This year authorized capital was increased even 2,6 million LTL, giving the part of retained earnings to it. The shareholders of the company, designing the model of responsible and reliable business, give the earned profits to enhance financial and material basis of the company, as well as the development of stable basis and ensuring of constant expansion. Accordingly, not accidentally the authorized capital of KG Constructions was increased from minimal to the current 6,4 million LTL only from the earned profit just in four years.

The responsibility before partners and clients, the obligations carried out properly and on time and – these are the main factors ensuring successful activity.  KG Constructions, implementing determined long-term aims, further enhances the position of responsible and reliable partner not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries.

  KG Constructions is the leader of projecting, manufacturing and assembling aluminium-glass constructions in Lithuania, as well as actively expanding its activity towards East and West.  Our production is exported to Belarus, Russian Federation, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Latvia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Iceland, etc. 

2013 Jun 19
KG Constructions will equip the facades of the complex “Green City”

KG Constructions signed a contract with an investment company CООО "ЕвроCтзпГрупп" regarding equipping exterior facades of one of the biggest objects being built at the moment in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus – business entertainment and trade complex. At the moment this object is the biggest project of the company being carried out in the Republic of Belarus. 

  The project consists of the lower (trade and entertainment complex) and upper parts. Total area of the complex is 79.000 square meters. The upper part is a 22-storey building; total height of the construction is 81 meter.

 “Green Tower” will be one of the tallest buildings in Minsk.  The building of exclusive architecture reflects the features of the rapidly changing capital of Belarus and country. The experience of our company in implementing exclusive objects in the Republic of Belarus, practice in the sphere of equipping the facades of high-rise buildings, ability to solve complicated architectural tasks and suggest innovative engineering solutions are the most powerful features of the company.

  The upper part of the building, “Green Tower”, will be glazed using element facades of two types.  Bigger part of the building will be paned with the Schuco USC65 HI aluminium profile system. The part of the main façade – the attribute of the building with a unique painting on the glass will be equipped using the element system of structural glazing. The aluminium-glass constructions will be glazed with double glass packets with sun control and colourful silk graphic painting. The ventilated part of the façade will be equipped using the Schuco Kalt-Warm Fassade FW50+ system. The ventilated façade will be glazed with enamelled glass items. The fire-resistant filler zone is projected in the facades near the span - RE60.

  The bay windows of aluminium glass construction in the lower part of the building “Green Style” and “Green Market” – the roofs, the general area of which is more than 5000 square meters will be produced using the Schuco FW50+SI system. The aluminium-glass constructions will be glazed with double glass packets with sun control.

  The general area of the aluminium glass constructions of the façade is more than 16.700 square meters. “Green Tower” – total area of the aluminium glass constructions of the upper part of the building is 10.500 square meters. Total area of the aluminium glass constructions of the façade of the lower part of the buildings “Green Style” and “Green Market” is 6.200 square meters. Work of equipping the facades is planned to be started in August 2013; the whole equipping of the facades of the complex is planned to be completed until the middle of 2014. The façade aluminium-glass constructions will be produced in the KG Constructions aluminium-glass constructions factory in Vilnius; installation work will be completed by the daughter enterprise of KG Constructions in the Republic of Belarus “KG Liukstroj”. The supplier of the system of aluminium profiles “Schüco Lietuva” (Schüco Lithuania) and the manufacturer of glass packets “Glassbel Baltic” were chosen to be the main partners for the implementation of this project. 

2013 May 30
KG Constructions have been trusted to set up the façade of the tallest building in Riga

   In April this year, KG Constructions signed a contract with the manager JSC „Towers Construction Management“ about execution of external façade design, production, and mounting works in one of the largest objects being built in the Baltic States – a complex of two skyscrapers Z-TOWERS in Riga. This is one of the most complicated objects and the largest order implemented by KG Constructions at present.
Z-TOWERS – is a complex designed by Berlin architects Steffen Duemler and Jan Mueller-Gauf from the world famous bureau of architects JAHN. The complex consists of two residential 33-storey glass skyscrapers, connected with a 3-4-storey public building. The complex overlooks Riga old town on the other bank of the river Dauguva.
  The largest contractor organizations of the Baltic States as well as West Europe, which specialize in the area of façade design, production and installation, pretended to execute façade installation works of the Z-TOWERS complex, which is going to become the tallest building in Riga. Therefore it is particularly gratifying that the works have been trusted to KG Constructions when there was such huge international interest. Our company’s experience in the implementation of exceptional objects, ability to solve the most complicated architectural tasks and to offer innovative engineering solutions have undoubtedly made the customer and the architects be ascertained of KG Constructions opportunities and competence to carry out Z-TOWERS façade design, production, and installation works.
  For this object KG Constructions have created a special external façade installation system exceptionally adapted for solving this building architecture and complex geometry tasks and for the implementation of strict technical construction requirements. Aluminum profile system especially created by KG Constructions and Schuco will be used for the installation of aluminum-glass construction facades in the complex. This is a three-glass structural glazing, special geometry “Z” shape elemental façade construction with integrated 70 mm wide hinged parts (hinged profile). Total heat transfer coefficient of the construction is from 0,9 to 1,1 W/m2 K. Aluminum-glass constructions will be glazed with double glazing with sun control and silk graphic image on the glass.
  Total area of the external façade of the complex is more than 30.000 m2. It is planned to begin the façade installation works in August of 2013, and to complete the façade installation by the end of 2014. The façade aluminum-glass constructions will be manufactured in KG Constructions production base in Lithuania. For the implementation of this particular project, KG Constructions have chosen “Schüco Lietuva” (supplier of aluminum profile system) and “Glassbel Baltic” (IGU manufacturer) as partners.

2013 Apr 22
KG Constructions will be instaling the external facade assembly of unique architectural health complex in Minsk

KG Constructions successfully continues to expand activities of executing in the Belarusian market. We provide high quality and competitive aluminum-glass structures design, fabrication and installation services, and innovative solutions that is highly needed for growing Belarus construction market. That’s why we get more and more customers interest and receive attractive collaboration offers.

  In 2013 February, KG Constructions entered into an agreement with the largest Belarusian alcoholic beverages manufacturer OOO “Завод Бульбашъ” (Zavod Bulbash) for the external façade assembly of unique architectural public and health complex, consisting of four buildings, which shapes looks like boats, berthed to the wharf. The special architecture of the complex demands of non-traditional and innovative design solutions, of which KG Constructions is inspired. Not coincidentally, this complex facade client chose KG Constructions, the quality of the work carried out and the ability to implement complex architectural decisions did not go unnoticed in Belarus, Lithuania and in other countries.

  The wellness center with public and commercial premises will be a part of growing health service facilities. In the resort are planned spa center, three swimming pools, saunas, catering establishments, offices. This complex will undoubtedly decorate the rapidly modernizing capital of Belarus and the image will become a unique modern Minsk architectural accent.

  The overall construction of the complex external facade area is 14,000 m2. Facade works will be carried out in four stages. During 2013, it is planned to install I and II corps elevations, and during 2014 - to finalize the whole set. The first block glazing works will start in 2013 May. Aluminum and glass design will be produced in Lithuania, (in KG Constructions production base) and installation will be implemented by KG Constructions subsidiary company in Belarus ODO “Liukstroj”.

  Fox Complex’s aluminum-glass facades will be used Schüco aluminum systems:
front system FW60+ HI; window system AWS114 (structural windows with dual-chamber glass units); door system AWS/ADS70HI; element facade USC65 F.HI. In spandrel zones will be installed RE60 fireproof area by requirements of Republic of Belarus. Spandrel zones from the outside will be covered with aluminum composite panels Alubond.

2013 Feb 26
Reviewing KG Group results of 2012

 Reviewing KG Group results of 2012, we want to celebrate the achievements of the previous year, unexpected discoveries exceeded expectations of the results. Successful business, appropriate and timely taken decisions allow optimistic plans for KG group activities for upcoming year.

  We have set ambitious goals in the beginning of 2012 – to increase turnover by 25%. This goal was completed over and above. According to preliminary unaudited  KG group and ODO Liukstroj (Republic of Belarus) together reached 10.7 million Euros annual turnover (without VAT), which preserved as much as 28% annual growth.

  Troubled Lithuanian construction market influenced KG Constructions growth in export markets – about 65% were orientated abroad, able to offer competitive prices and high quality service. These results led to further strengthen and preserve aluminum and glass structure design, manufacture and installation.

  The growth of sales and success-oriented activities allowed to double profitability in 2012. According to preliminary unaudited figures, over the past year, KG Constructions made over  0,86 million Euros profit, and the whole group consolidated pre-tax profit should  be  1,16 million €. These facts allow to follow-up further optimistic prospects.

  Currently, KG Constructions has executed and intend to proceed with  projects that should ensure an even more impressive sales growth. During 2013 KG Constructions alone plan to increase sales by 60% and reach 14,7 mln Euros limit. Assessing the prospects for this year's plan that consolidated KG Group turnover in 2013 will exceed 17,3 million. €. These goals will certainly be achieved by ensuring  transparent and responsible business operations, proper implementation of obligations to customers, partners and suppliers - as a harmonious and successful work of our whole team.

KG Constructions

General manager

Linas Karžinauskas

2013 Jan 11
JSC KG Constructions will be glazing hotel „Slavianskij“ in the capital of Belarus - Minsk

On the 17th of August 2012 KG Constructions has signed the agreement with Russian capital investment company RCAUB „Belinterrosinvest“ operating in Belarus. UAB KG Constructions will implement facades for hotel „Slavianskij“, which will be specially built for the World Hockey Championship 2014, held in Belarus.

  The building height - 52 meters, 16 floors. Aluminum-glass construction area - 4000 m2. Ventilated facades area - 2770 m2. It is the second-largest KG Constructions project in foreign markets. Aluminium - glass facade will have Schüco aluminum profile system envelope.

  Schuco element USC65 (sonder – specially designed) system will be used for the main area (with RE60 fireproof spandrel zone), curtain wall FW50+ system and AWS/ADS65 for windows and doors. Aluminum – glass structures will be glazed in single sun control glass units.

  KG Constructions are planning to enter the site in  October of 2012, and to work till March of 2013. Currently undergoing  concrete works at the main site. Aluminum-glass structures will be designed and manufactured in Lithuania, installation works will be implemented by subsidiary ODO „Liukstroij“.

2012 Aug 30
Authorised capital of KG Constructions is increased up to 3,6 million LTL

KG Constructions has increased the authorised capital up to 3,8 million Litas on June 1st, 2012.

By the decision of shareholders the authorised capital was increased by 1,2 million LTL. This is the fourth increase of authorised capital of the company within five years of existence. The company, which started with a minimum authorised capital of 10 000 Litas in 2007, managed to increase authorised capital up to 3,8 million LTL basically solely from the profit earned.

According to the General Manager of KG Constructions, it is becoming a sort of a tradition to increase the company's authorised capital each year.
"It is not the first year that the company's shareholders after considering the previous year's profit decided to use the majority of it for authorised capital increase. We are happy that shareholders position was very solid and clear - to achieve long-term goals, i.e. consistently increase the value of the company, to strengthen the financial capacity by investing the profit earned to the company itself, rather than to look for short term needs of shareholders. It is obvious that chosen strategy works. It is great to see our company's achievements in recent years, consistent and sustainable profitable growth in business at a time when many construction organizations were forced to withdraw from the market due to the prolonged economic difficulties.

We were always confident that trust of partners, customers, suppliers and insurance companies can only be gained by the long-term goal-oriented company with a solid financial and material base and valuable human resources. We consistently seek and will seek for that in the future. I have no doubt that this year’s authorised capital increase is not last one. With the five month sales growth of 22 percents compared to last year's corresponding period we feel optimistic. New opened foreign markets let us plan more sales in the future. Authorised capital was increased realizing new opportunities abroad and to further strengthen  company‘s position in aluminum and glass design and installation business "- said Linas Karžinauskas.

KG Constructions is one of the aluminum-glass structure production, installation and design leader in Lithuania, which actively is expanding in the Eastern and Western Europe.

2012 Jun 08
KG Constructions will install facades for the new office complex "Baltic Hearts"

KG Constructions starts design, production and installation works for the facades of the new office complex „Baltic Hearts“. There are three A class office buildings in this complex, which is to be built  in central part of Vilnius city. Curtain walling installation is going to be made in separate stages. Installation of the first building aluminium-glass facade structures should be started in April, 2012. And all the complex facades should be finished by December, 2012. Total area of all the facades to be installed is 5 400 m2.

Curtain walling is designed in Schüco structural glazing system where structural glazing or part structural glazing is going to be made. Part structural glazing is planned for the second and third level glazing. In this way horizontal joints are made with silicone mastic and vertical joints will have special 200 mm height cover caps.

All three buildings are to be glazed with triple insulated glass units with the U value of 0,6 W/m2 K, with sound reduction of Rw=42 dB and sun control performance.

2012 Mar 19
Meeting the 2012

KG Constructions is happy and proud of good results of the previous year. We were able to achieve planned increase of sales and tasks. With existing engagements we can optimistically plan our activity and expect growth of more than 25% in 2012.
From the very beginning in 2007 KG Constructions was intensively improving  results of the activity and had successful growth of turnover and work amount.

Each year company impressed with increasing growth and profitable activity. Previous year was not an exception. Preliminary (unaudited) figures the company's sales volume in 2011 increased by about 63% (from 5.3 million Eur in 2010 to more than 8.4 million Eur in 2011).
Sales grew not only in Lithuania but also in foreign countries (both in Western Europe, and in Eastern regions too). Last year we finished our jobs in exclusive and recognized only in receiving positive feedback projects such as Žalgirio arena in Kaunas city, Švyturio arena in Klaipeda city, Balsiai school in Vilnius city and many others.

Successful development of company‘s business, trust of customers and suppliers, ongoing and scheduled work let‘s KG Constructions to meet 2012 expectantly  and commits to achieve even better results.
We are happy with our achievements and we are thankful to our customers, partners and suppliers for the trust shown and mutual beneficial cooperation.
We wish that 2012 would be the year of new achievements and the year of new possibilities discovered.


2012 Jan 09
KG Constructions will install facades for the administrative/production building of UAB Fermentas

This year KG Constructions, in cooperation with the general contractor UAB Eikos Statyba will start facade installation works for a newly constructed administrative/production building of the largest biotechnological company in Lithuania UAB Fermentas (Thermo Fisher Scientific). The total area of the exterior aluminium-glass constructions planned to be produced and installed will be about 2,200 m2.
In the newly constructed building, KG Constructions will be installing exterior constructions of two types: facade systems FW 50+ with hinged windows (the AWS 65 system) and windows with a 2-pane principle (the AWS 105 CC.HI system). The AWS 105 CC.HI window system contains high thermal and noise insulation properties. Automated blinds are planned to be installed.
Facade installation works start on 15 December 2011 and the expected date for completion is 15 March 2012.

2011 Nov 02
The KG Constructions administration has moved to new premises: Saulėtekio al. 15, Vilnius

On 19 September 2011 UAB KG Constructions moved to new office premises in the Science and Technology Park building "Sunrise Valley" in Saulėtekio al. 15, LT-10224 Vilnius (7th floor).

2011 Sep 19
Žalgiris Arena opens in Kaunas city

On 18 August 2011 Žalgiris Arena, which is going to welcome the XXXVII European Men’s Basketball Championship finalists, was inaugurated in Nemunas Island, Kaunas city.
KG Constructions is proud that its products and work have contributed to the appearance of this spectacular construction, one of the largest and most modern sports and entertainment complexes in the Baltic States. KG Constructions has carried out all the design, production and installation works as regards aluminium-glass constructions of the whole exterior facade of Žalgiris Arena; it has also installed interior partitions, frameless glass constructions, exterior stainless steel handrails (the total length of which is about 800 m) and interior handrails (total length – about 1,500 m).
The facade of the Arena, which is characterized by exceptional architectural solutions and modernity, has already been positively assessed by a number of experts and received special attention. Žalgiris Arena will undoubtedly become an exclusive place in Kaunas and will attract crowds of sports, music and entertainment lovers.

2011 Aug 18
KG Constructions completes works in Švyturys Arena, Klaipėda city

KG Constructions has completed its works in Švyturys Arena which is being constructed in Klaipėda for the upcoming European Men’s Basketball Championship quaterfinals. KG Constructions has designed, produced and installed all the facades of the Arena, installed exterior stainless steel handrails, interior partitions made of alumunium-glass constructions and all the interior handrails (both for the inside of the Arena and for evacuation staircases).

2011 Jul 20
KG Constructions increases authorised capital up to 2,6 million LTL

KG Constructions has increased its authorised capital for the third year in a row. On 19 August 2011 the company registered its new statutes at the Centre of Registers and the authorised capital of the company increased by more than two and a half times from 1 million LTL to 2.6 million LTL. The company’s shareholders adopted the decision to allocate part of retained earnings for increasing the authorised capital after having assessed the results of the activities of the recent years, which were achieved by rapid and secure expansion both in Lithuanian and foreign markets.

As we increase our financial capacity, we will continue to seek to remain Lithuanian leaders in design, production and installation of aluminium-glass constructions, expand steadily in foreign markets and raise our partners’, customers’ and insurance companies’ confidence in us.

2011 Aug 19
KG Constructions will carry out works in the administrative building Gama being constructed in Ozas Park

KG Constructions successfully continues its cooperation with Lithuanian investors. We have signed a contract with UAB Realco Statyba for the installation of aluminium-glass facades in a newly constructed administrative building Gama in Ozo Park. The total area of the exterior aluminium-glass constructions of the building is 5,700 m2. Schüco FW 50+ facade systems are being used for the installation works. We plan to finish works by March 2012.

2011 Aug 11
We use our experience of constructing sports arenas abroad

As KG Constructions carries out facade design and installation works for the two largest sports facilities in Lithuania, i.e. Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas and Švyturys Arena in Klaipėda, it has gained considerable experience of construction of sports arenas, which it also uses successfully abroad.

We are currently starting works in the Boxing Centre which is being constructed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Karaganda. The Centre will have capacity for more than 2,000 spectators. It is a universal multifunctional sports and entertainment arena which will definitely become one of the most important centres of attraction for boxing lovers in Kazakhstan and the neighbouring republics. As regards construction works in the Boxing Centre, KG Constructions has been entrusted with designing, producing and installing exterior aluminium-glass constructions and a double facade, the total area of which amounts to about 4,000 m2. The aluminium-glass strutures are designed in Schüco facade system FW50+ and Schüco window system AWS65. The second facade consists of galvanized metal structures and is covered with safety glass. A special picture has been created for this construction – a stylized boxers. We plan to complete all the works by the end of this year.

2011 Aug 11
KG Constructions will install exterior facades of the building Optima

Despite financial difficulties In Belarus, construction works continue at a rapid pace. KG Constructions cooperates with reliable partners and continues to enter the Belorussian construction market with confidence. We have signed a contract for installation of exterior facades of the administrative building Optima being constructed in Minsk.

The total area of exterior aluminium-glass structures and ventilated facades is about 4,000 m2. Schüco facade systems FW 50+ are to be used for installation of the facade. KG Constructions will produce the structures and its subsidiary company Liusktroij will carry out the installation works. We plan to complete works by January 2012.

2011 Aug 11
We carry out installation works in a new hotel in Kaunas

KG Constructions continues successful cooperation with one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania AB YIT Kausta, which is currently reconstructing a production building in Vytauto st. 28 in Kaunas city. After the reconstruction the building will become an economy class hotel. KG Constructions is carrying out works regarding design, production and installation of exterior facades of the hotel. The total area of the exterior aluminium-glass structures and the ventilated facade of the building is about 2,500 m2. Schüco facade systems FW 50+ and Schüco plastic windows are to be used for installation of the facade. We plan to complete works by the end of the summer.

2011 Aug 11
KG Constructions’ facades are being installed in the highest building in Minsk, Royal Plaza

KG Constructions have been producing aluminium-glass constructions for the highest building which is currently being constructed in Minsk – the tower of Belarus Royal Plaza. The first cassettes of the aluminium-glass structures were installed at the beginning of July. KG Constructions has carried out works regarding engineering and design (visualization) of the exterior facades. Over 16,000 m2 of exterior facades have been designed: 5,000 m2 of ventilated facades and 11,000 m2 of aluminium-glass structures (Schüco unitised facade system USC 65). KG Constructions’ subsidiary company Liukstroj is carrying out installation works of the aluminium-glass structures. We plan to finish the installation of exterior facades of aluminium-glass constructions by July 2012.

2011 Aug 11
KG Constructions will carry out glazing works in the highest building in Minsk

KG Constructions will carry out glazing works using its products in the highest building currently being built in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.
On 18 January 2011 KG Constructions signed a contract with an investment company which also runs real estate projects Rubiroz International, a Lebanese capital company which operates in Belarus. UAB KG Constructions will install facades in the highest administrative building Реченька which is currently being constructed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

This building will be the highest construction in the territory of Belarus. The height of the building will be 120 metres (130 m with the aerial) and will contain 33 floors. The total area of aluminium-glass constructions will amount to 11,260 m2. The area of ventilated facades will be 5,770 m2. At present, this is the largest project run by KG Constructions in foreign markets. A reliable Schüco aluminium profile system will be used for the installation of aluminium-glass structural facades.

The following aluminium profile systems are planned to be used in this building: the unitised facade system USC 65, the FW50+ facade system, the AWS/ADS65 window and door system and a fire-resistant system ADS80-FR60. Aluminium-glass constructions will be glazed with one-chamber solar control glass units with a U-value of 1.1 W/m2K.

We plan to start works in May 2011 and finish them in February 2012. Currently rapid concreting works are taking place at the 19th-floor level of the building. Aluminium-glass constructions will be produced in Lithuania in the KG Constructions production facility.

2011 Jan 18
KG Constructions acquires a Belorussian company

KG Constructions has acquired a Belorussian company ОДО "ЛЮКССТРОЙ, which has been in operation for ten years and has gained considerable experience in installation of exterior facades and production and mounting of interior partitions.

The acquisition of the company is part of the strategy followed by KG Constructions, i.e. expansion. By means of this acquisition, the KG group strengthens its position in the neighbouring market which has great potential. At present, the company employs about 50 people. Joining the ranks of the KG group will open up more opportunities for ОДО "ЛЮКССТРОЙ in Belarus and will create more opportunities for KG Constructions in this country. The company will be installing not only their own aluminium-glass constructions but also the ones produced by UAB KG Constructions.
For more information on ОДО "ЛЮКССТРОЙ, visit

2011 Jan 10
Expansion plans for the year 2011

KG Constructions has been working hard since 2007, has gained long and successful experience and has proven its competitive advantages, and therefore the company feels that today it can offer even more. Consequently, while meeting boldly the challenges of the year 2011, the company has ambitious plans to expand into the East as well as northern and western countries.

We are planning to start in February, together with a common Lithuanian-Belorussian company, which is going to start works with aluminium-glass constructions in a few projects in Minsk at the beginning of this year.

Kazakhstan. We plan to run the first projects in February and March of this year.

Northern and western countries. To achieve this goal, the sales department and the team of project managers are being strengthened. In February there are plans to establish a common Lithuanian-Danish company.

In Lithuania, the main goal remains the same, i.e. to hold the position of a leader in producing and installing aluminium-glass constructions and ventilated facades. At present, the company employs 125 highly qualified people. We would like to remind you that at the end of 2009 the company employed 73 people.

Being the leader in producing and installing aluminium-glass constructions in Lithuania, UAB KG Constructions, according to our estimates, currently holds about 70% of the market in aluminium-glass constructions for exterior facades.

In Lithuania the company now runs such projects as Kaunas Arena, Klaipėda Arena, Vilnius Balsiai School, and has recently finished one of its projects, an administrative building in Pilaitė District in Vilnius.

In 2010 the company produced and installed a total of about 21,000 m² aluminium-glass constructions.

In 2010 our sales amounted to LTL23.5 m (according to non-audited data). Compared with LTL12.4 m in 2009 it is almost twice the amount.

In 2011 our goal is to carry out works worth LTL29 m. In February and March we plan to implement ISO 9011 quality and ISO 14000 environmental management systems.


2010 Dec 20
The KG group changes its face

On 1 January 2011 the KG group changes its corporate identity. Company logos are being changed and a new website is being created.

The changes have been made in order to create a common face of the KG group and to successfully increase the popularity of the KG group and its brands within and outside Lithuania.

2010 Dec 12
A solar power plant will be built

UAB KG Constructions, together with UAB KG Energija, has acquired a 67 kW solar photovoltaic power plant, which is planned to be built by the middle of this year.

An experimental power plant will be built which will produce electricity from solar energy. Schüco has been chosen as the producer and supplier of photovoltaic panels for the power plant.

By means of this long-term and promising investment we will try to contribute to the promotion of environmental protection and the protection of non-renewable energy sources.

2010 Dec 13
KG Constructions’ works at Balsiai School

On 15 October this year, the company starts to carry out works at a newly constructed Balsiai School.

The experts of UAB KG Constructions and the architect of the building Sigitas Kuncevičius’s team will design and install exterior facades, i.e. aluminium-glass constructions and ventilated facades.

The area of exterior aluminium-glass structural facades will amount to about 2,800 m2 and the area of ventilated facades will be 3,750 m2.
Balsiai School is the first educational institution in Lithuania which is being built according to the principle of cooperation between the public and the private sector, and is the first new public school constructed in Vilnius after the Restoration of Independence.

The school will be constructed according to an architectural project which encompasses the experience of north and west European countries, which are famous for high quality buildings of educational institutions. Hence the building will be able to come up to the modernity and functionality of the best foreign educational institutions.

UAB KG Constructions plans to complete the installation of aluminium-glass structural facades and ventilated facades in March 2011, and the new Balsiai School is going to welcome its first pupils in September 2011.

2010 Oct 11
The KG group expands

As the KG group develops its activities rapidly, a new member is about to join the group, UAB KG Service, which will carry out renovation and repair works as regards exterior aluminium-glass and ventilated facades which have already been built and are in operation.

Over the last decade, along with the development of the construction sector in Lithuania, demand for exterior aluminium-glass constructions has grown. As works were carried out at a rapid pace, very often basic principles and logic regarding installation of exterior facades were not followed. This led to severe consequences, i.e. poor-quality and leaky facades.

During the economic crisis a lot of experts/companies in this field went bankrupt and former contractors stopped providing after-sales services for buildings. Therefore, the new member of the KG group, UAB KG Service will help to solve problems encountered by building owners who face desperate situations. The goal of the company is to provide a second life for facades.

2010 Sep 06
The financing for Gandrališkės has been renewed

In September 2008 UAB KG Constructions began exterior facade installation works of the northern part of the residential quarter Gandrališkės. In April 2009 glazing works for the ground floor and stairwells were carried out and installation and glazing works with frameless Lumon glass constructions for balconies were launched. In December 2009, before the finishing works had to be carried out, the financing for the unit was suspended.

However, on 9 August 2010 the bank SEB bankas renewed the financing for finishing the central and northern parts of the residential complex in Klaipėda. UAB KG Constructions plans to finish works by 1 December 2010.

2008 Sep 02
New general contractor of Evita

UAB KG Constructions.takes over the functions of the general contractor of the residential, administrative and commercial complex Evita, which is situated in Savanorių St. 18 in Vilnius.

The developer UAB Respektas, giving credibility to the works carried out by UAB KG Constructions, decided to entrust the complex construction and facade finishing works as well as the handing over of works to UAB KG Constructions.

The works in the complex Evita were launched in March 2009. In the complex UAB KGC began to set up a complete project regarding the exterior facades of three constructions, to install the ventilated facade made of stone tiles and aluminium-glass constructions in the residential building, to frame the walls of thermo profiles in the administrative building and install aluminium-glass constructions, to install glass balconies and roof rails and plaster the walls of stairwells in the complex.

We expect to finish works and deliver the building to the State Commission in November 2010.

2010 Sep 13
New family member: KG Energija. Managing the Sun

The KG group has been joined by UAB KG Energija, which designs and installs innovative solar energy systems. The company will offer its customers to reduce costs and protect the environment by using solar energy.

The company has been taken over from the former shareholders UAB Statmega. This year the company is going to build an experimental power plant of up to 100 kW which will be solar energy-based and will be made of Schüco photovoltaics.

The heat emitted by the sun can be used for producing hot water and heating buildings. Research shows that the amount of solar energy which reaches Lithuania is sufficient to produce thermal energy and to apply the principles of solar architecture to new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation.
“As technology develops and demand grows, solar power systems are rapidly becoming cheaper and therefore they will soon become economically attractive in Lithuanian conditions, especially as we already have examples of successful solar energy usage in Lithuania,“ says Mindaugas Guzikauskas, head of UAB KG Energija.

According to Mr Guzikauskas, solar power usage not only helps to save 30–100 per cent of costs for heating and hot water but also protects the environment and non-renewable energy sources.

Three Ways to Use the Sun

KG Energija’s partner Schüco is one of the most successful European suppliers which offer integrated solutions to the applications of solar energy, which allow for generating energy in the form of thermal energy and electricity. Schüco offers three ways to use solar energy : 1. Thermal solar energy: heat produced by Schüco solar collectors, which is used to provide hot water and can also be used as an additional source of heating. 2. Heat pumps: they use solar heat which accumulates in the air or in the ground and they constitute, together with the solar energy system, a full heating system. 3. Photovoltaics: electricity generated directly from light energy by using Schüco photovoltaics.

“The three ways to use solar energy constitute a long-term and promising investment as oil and gas resources are decreasing and the usage is increasing. It is therefore likely that fossil energy sources will continue to become more expensive,“ observes Mindaugas Guzikauskas, head of UAB KG Constructions.

Mr Guzikauskas urges people to consider installation of solar energy systems before building or renovating their homes as hot water production only requires installing solar collectors, whereas heating has to meet certain requirements, i.e. the building has to be extremely airtight, properly oriented according to the cardinal points, it has to accumulate heat etc. Thus one must prepare for successful investment in advance.

2010 Aug 27
UAB KG Constructions starts construction works at Klaipėda Arena

UAB KG Constructions, together with the architect Saulius Mikštas’s team, are currently designing exterior aluminium-glass constructions and ceramic blind facades of the multifunctional sports and entertainment arena in Klaipėda.

A reliable supplier of aluminium-glass construction systems, UAB Schüco Lietuva has been chosen. The total area of the exterior aluminium-glass structural facades amounts to about 6,000 m2.

Klaipėda Areną is planned to be opened at the end of 2010. In 2011 Lithuania will host the European Men’s Basketball Championship. It is estimated that the 20-thousand-square-metre arena will have a capacity for up to 5,500 people during matches and for more than 7,000 people during concerts.

2010 Mar 27
UAB KG Constructions has a new managing director

On 1 April 2010 Linas Karžinauskas was appointed as managing director of UAB KG Constructions. He replaced Arvydas Juknevičius, who had held the position for two years and now continues his career in the company as production director.

We hope to continue nice cooperation.

2010 Apr 01
UAB KG Constructions moves to new premises

On 11 December UAB KG Constructions moved from its headquarters in Jasinskio St. 12 in Vilnius to new, bigger premises in Pirklių St. 5 (first floor).

The premises in Pirklių Street are bigger, and near the office there is our aluminium-glass constructions factory and the metal processing factory, so we hope that from now on the work will be carried out in a smoother and faster way than before.because of better working conditions. Next to the building, there is a convenient car park for our customers and partners.

We are happy that our team can finally work in bright and cosy premises and we believe that here our staff can work in much better conditions and have more space. The new place will now be not only a workplace but it will also provide more opportunities to develop.
Please visit us in Pirklių St. 5, Vilnius.

2010 Dec 11
UAB KG Constructions takes over construction works at Kaunas Arena

As the main roof constructions of Kaunas Arena are currently being built, it is time to install the exterior facade of the arena and UAB KG Constructions has been working on it since October, together with its partners UAB Schüco Lietuva, UAB Prekmeda and the architect of the building Simas-Eugenijus Miliūnas and his team.

UAB KG Constructions has designed, specially for the Kaunas Arena project, aluminium-glass construction systems, i.e. about 30 unique aluminium profiles, which meet high architectural requirements. Schüco, a supplier of aluminium profile systems, which has considerable experience in projects of such scale as regards windows and facades, has been chosen for the project. This has helped to create really high-quality and airtight aluminium-glass construction systems, which are characterised by exclusive aesthetics and design.

“We are happy that we are able to contribute our work to this unique and historic building. It is the second building in Lithuania built on an island after Trakai Castle. Furthermore, the arena marks the 600th jubilee of Kaunas municipality, and in 2011 the city will host the European Basketball Championship,” says Mindaugas Guzikauskas, construction director of UAB KG Constructions.

According to Mr Guzikauskas, the arena is distinguished by its size compared to the other arenas which have been built or are currently being built in Lithuania.

Unique forms for an exclusive building

On the Kaunas Arena project website visualisations of the exterior arena are provided. Such a facade is created with large horizontal channel profiles and terrace-windowsill aluminium profiles, which are produced specially for this project.

“These are architectural design elements of a really unique form and they can weigh up to 300 kg. These heavy profiles will be painted with a colour created by a Swiss company IGP specially for this project and it will make the building unique,” says Mindaugas Guzikauskas, construction director of UAB KG Constructions.

As for facades exposed to the sun, they will be glazed with special solar control glass units. According to Mr Guzikauskas, construction director of UAB KGC, all the glass units used in the building will be cleared glass bases. It means that particularly clear glass units will be used which are clearer than the usual clear glass units. It should be noted that all the glass units meet the Lithuanian Technical Construction Regulation safety requirements and the thermal properties of the glass units are 1.2 W/m²K.

UAB KG Constructions plans to finish facade works on 30 June 2010 and complete the Kaunas Arena project in September 2010.

• The WF70HI system has been used: a special system for exterior facades which is mounted on the outer frame profile of the construction. (WF: window system with the optical properties typical of facade profiles.  70: thickness of the window frame, i.e. a three-chamber frame with thickness of 70 mm. HI (High Insulation) means high thermal insulation properties. With this system, the heat transfer coefficient value of aluminium-glass constructions is of 1,45 W/m2K.

• The FW50+S-SG facade system for glazing terrace constructions has been used.
(FW: facade constructions. 50+:  visible outer width of the profile. S: means that imitation steel aluminium profiles are used. SG: means that a structural glazing system is used. Structural glazing means that glass units are fastened with internal fasteners and external sealing is carried out with ultraviolet radiation-resistant mastic, i.e. silicone). 

2012 Mar 27